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About Us

Bob Pearson Enterprises (BPE) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terry & Company, P.C., a certified public accounting and management consulting firm.

Downtown DenverTerry & Company In Partnership with Bob Pearson Enterprises is located in Denver, Colorado All our consultants perform services nationwide.

Robert A. Pearson, the managing partner of BPE, has more than forty years of dealership consulting and retail experience. Bob established BPE in 1976, and we have been providing service to the automotive industry ever since. Each of our consultants has more than twenty years of dealership experience.

Parts Department Consulting Services

The company was established to train dealership parts department personnel and to assist dealers in improving their operations. BPE performs “in-dealership” analysis of parts departments. BPE works with dealer-operators, general managers, fixed operations managers, and other parts personnel. We also provide hands-on training for dealership personnel.

BPE has established a reputation of providing quality services to the automotive industry in both the parts and service areas. BPE and Terry & Company have served more than four hundred dealerships and currently provide consulting services to over 100 dealerships on a reoccurring basis.

We have built a reputation of providing quality services with results. That is why so many dealers invite us back each year to review their parts and service departments and assist them in fine-tuning the operations.